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here you will find everything about intermodal terminals across Europe vividly illustrated in an inter-active terminal map.

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The intermodal transport offers a variety of economic and environmental advantages over the pure truck transport, provided its strengths are used properly. Therefore, it is our intention to promote the intermodal transport in all areas. An important issue is to create more transparency, on the one hand to facilitate market entry for potential market participants and on the other to support active participants to expand the use.

The most likely most important and exciting link in the intermodal transport chain represents the intermodal terminal. Here, innovations, market trends, and legal changes constantly challenge the terminals. Due to the increase of economic links within the EU, intermodal also known as combined transport (CT) must be understood more and more in a European context. Since there is no satisfactory overview intermodal terminals in Europe, we decided to develop www.intermodal-map.com. All important information on the European intermodal terminals are summarized in an illustrative, interactive map. The research of these terminals and related information was and still is very work-intensive. In addition, it must be constantly updated, supplemented and expanded in its functions.

We were able to completely forgo public funding, which would not have been possible without the kind support of our sponsors. We are very pleased about additional support to maintain and expand the Intermodal Map. Before you start take a look at the tutorial video under the menu item "How it works". Here the intuitive use of the Intermodal Map is clearly explained. The Intermodal Map is divided into one for everyone accessible free version, which contains basic information on the combined transport terminals and a member version that provides a variety of other useful information and functions. How to get access to the member-version you can find under menu item "Pricing".

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